Vision and Strategy

Business Domain

Features software and service for various mobile terminals

Business Target

Features software for tablet PC, smartphone, and moving person

Vision and Strategy

BeMap strengthens its position as a “hub company” connecting among social infrastructure services which are railway services, airline services, Wi-Fi service, TV broadcasting services and more and creates new revenue stream.

We grow stably with providing our solutions through reliable enterprises have infrastructure services and fulfill our public responsibilities with providing innovative technologies to make the social infrastructure services more comfortable and valuable.

Business Segments Solutions/Services Descriptions
Mobility innovations

Systems for Railway Services

・Railway route search

Wireless innovations

Captive Portal and CMS for Wi-Fi

・Authentication for Wi-Fi
・Developments and maintenance of CMS(content management system) for Wi-Fi


Surveillance Video System

・Surveillance video system


TV Metadata

・Provides in-depth descriptive information about TV programs for enterprises.



・On-air to Online to Offline

・Tries to attract and find consumers via TV broadcasting and bring them into smartphone’s online sites and further more to location based physical stores.

Historical Maps for Smartphones

・Edo/Meiji period`s historical maps overlaid atop of current maps for Smartphones.


Website/Software Development

・Website/software development and maintenance