TV Metadata Service

Service Overview

What is the “TV metadata”?

TV metadata is the in-depth descriptive information about programming that includes title, storyline, cast, genre, release date, images, featured products/companies/shops, and more.
You can use TV metadata for multi-device TV viewing, search for TV programs, selling TV-featured items online on retail stores, checking out your product publicity and more.

TV Metadata Service


Meta TV helps you find what you are looking for from a mass of data carried via TV using an internet search box with ease.
Meta TV is used by several enterprises to enhance their services, differentiate products and drive consumption and sales.

TV Resource Search System “Meta TV”
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API Data Service

The following 3 types of API data are provided. The data is used by enterprises to drive sales on their online-retails, to check out their publicity and more.

  • ・TV programs` summary
  • ・Restaurants, products, shops and more that were featured by TV adding more detailed information.
  • ・Quick report data after broadcast
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API Data Service
Case Study
日経テレコン21 (Japanese Only)